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Own production

On July 15, 2017 the largest “Narodnyi” stores chain was 15 years. Currently there are operate 50 stores in Kyrgyzstan where one can buy food products, goods for children, home and garden, pet food and so on. One of the main achievements of the chain is in-house production. Daily there appear fresh salads, bread, confectionery products in the stores. We decided to ask the Director of production division of the stores chain Pavel Kochergin and head of the sanitary control division, independent expert for nutrition hygiene of the Kyrgyz Republic, Mukhtasar Azimkhodzhaeva, the nuances and stages of development of the large production of finished products.

When on-house production appeared in the Narodnyi“ stores chain?
Pavel: in 2006 appeared in-house production in the stores. We started with small butcher's shop. Then bakery food and salads appeared. Taking into account needs of consumers, the company held a great work on reconstruction of production, modernization of plant and equipment and work on introduction of the modern methods of production that had contributed to growth in production. Today we produce 38 types of salads, 30 positions of bakery food, 64 types of ready-made meals, 16 types of cakes and pastry, 9 types of cookies and 12 types of bread.

How is the in-house production working?
Pavel: There are involved 150 people in production. Workshops work within 24 hours in order to provide fresh products constantly.
Clear formulation - technological-manufacturing plan is developed for each product. There is described a process, used products and stages of production in details: starting with procurement and finishing with packaging. All these is developed and constantly controlled by professional production engineer.

How was the production changing for 11 years?
Pavel: In 2013 there was global modernization of workshop. Since we regularly modernize the equipment for more technologically simple and modern.
Mukhtasar: Also at the territory of production there is located specialized in-house sanitary-bacteriological laboratory, which annually carries out analysis of raw material and finished products according to the hygienic requirements for food safety. According to the results of laboratory analyses there are prepared research reports. All cases of food products inconformity to the technical regulations requirements are discussed with suppliers, through return.

Please, tell about stages of production…

We have senior expert and production engineer in our staff who check the quality of the whole source raw material. Then the products are allocated to storage areas: dry warehouses with room temperature, refrigerators, deep-freeze chambers. Pre-packed finished products transfer to refrigerators. Delivery of products is started at 5 a.m. with special motor vehicles in order that our consumers could have a possibility to buy fresh products of our production in the morning. It should be mentioned that we never produce excessive products because we work strictly by order of each store.

Do you monitor over the quality of products and ready meals?
Mukhtasar: We are very proud of the fact that there has been introduced HAССP system to the chain in 2013. This is the system for tracking of quality and safety of incoming raw material and output products. We have the Quality Control Department which controls the quality of products and ready meals, and Sanitary control Department which maintains control over implementation of all the hygienic requirements during technological process of food products production in order to release standard products by every measure.

Which products do you use in preparation of meals?
Pavel: In production of our products we generally use domestic products. We directly work with enterprisers and farmers.

What happens with unplaced products?

Pavel: All products which we do not sell in time are discontinued and transferred to processing for cattle feed. We have a special place beyond the area of production where to the expired production is transferred from all the stores. It means that this expired production is not returned in any case.