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Partners of loyalty program

Loyalty program is unique instrument for forming of maximally correct communicative function with consumers. This instrument allows to perform correct targeting to the full.
At the end of 2017, there were registered more than 300 000 of cumulative card holders in the base of the Narodnyi store chain.

What can we offer today?
  • Using our customer base, you can form communications by different ways, with target audience required for your business. Your company can attract additional incoming flow presenting various coupons, flyers or certificates to our buyers.
  • With us and our possibilities, you can reach your target audience with minimum marketing budgets and high conversion.
  • With us and our possibilities, you can form buyer’s loyalty to your product not through adaptation of traditional BTL-programs, but using innovative methods.
In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact Jakakova Ramilya – Manager of the Customer Relations Department.
Contact information: +996-312-900230 ext.131, r.jakakova@market.kg