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Loyalty program

Buyers of the Narodnyi store chain, holders of our cumulative cards, get not only special discounts, participation in various events, but also several additional benefits. Holders of cards are automatically included to the loyalty program for buyers. Participation in the loyalty program allows a buyer to cumulate bonuses which can be used for payment for purchases, 1 bonus = 1 KGS. And the most important, for participation in this program you need just to get cumulative card and it is absolutely free!

Pleasant surprises at your birthday and your children’s birthdays!
We congratulate buyers-birthday celebrants at their birthdays and the day before, giving 30% discount for holiday assortment of goods, specifically: for some goods of in-house production, high-class alcoholic products and goods for holiday.

The most important thing is that we present various pleasant gifts to buyers on their personal holiday. For example, gift certificates in various entertainment facilities of our city or coupons in branded shops. The same is on your children’s birthdays: we present discounts for children's assortment of goods and pleasant surprises from our partners.
“Large purchase” in the Narodnyi store chain!
We always try to encourage “Large purchases” made in our stores. For this, our buyers-holders of cards should make purchase for a certain sum, and there is an opportunity to win prizes and gifts for such a purchase. Every time we have different partners, and every time gifts are of different face values. Most often it happens unexpectedly when you pay off on cash desk and on board before you appears inscription: “You have a special gift”!
“Prize drawings” in the Narodnyi store chain!
For example, during 2017 we held a draw under the name “Narodnaya relay” every week. Upon purchase for amount of 300 KGS, one should put his check to lottery drum and wait for his prize. Prizes included Small appliances, gift sets of goods of in-house production.
“Special packages” from the Narodnyi store chain!
We understand and take into account that we are visited for shopping by people with various incomes. Therefore, in chain of our stores there has appeared the “Special packages” program. Mostly, this program is aimed at buyers older than 60 years old. “Special packages” is a special list of goods upon purchase of which enormous discount for the included goods works.
“Combo-offers” for buyers from 10 to 23 years old in the Narodnyi store chain!
As for youth, there are developed various combo-offers for them in our chain. For example, upon purchase of sandwich and drink, general discount for this set will be 30%. We had combo-solutions: drink plus sandwich, or solution for company of friends when a certain discount is made for purchase of one, two or three sandwiches.
In conclusion, we would like to wish that you, dear readers, have got correct opinion on formats of our stores. The Narodnyi store chain is a store near the house, assortment of which can satisfy the majority of buyers’ needs and present joy from purchase due to various events on the loyalty program.