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Purchase rules

Dear buyers!
  • If you have bought defected goods in our store, you can return goods, or exchange it for quality goods. For this, you need to present goods and check to the store administrator. If you have found defect on goods and check has been lost, but at the same time you has performed purchase using the cumulative card, you can contact the Call-center of our chain by number +996-312-900251 and leave an application. Employees of the Customer Relations Department will contact you within one working day and help to resolve an issue of repayment or exchange of goods.
  • Our cashiers will be glad to help to pack purchased goods for buyers above 60 years old, pregnant women and buyers with young children in hands.
  • In case of discordance of prices on price stickers and at cash, we undertake to sell goods at price indicated on price sticker.
  • In our stores, alcohol and tobacco products are not sold to people who have not reached the age of 18 years old.
  • If you have any complaint regarding quality of servicing or you have become witness of any other violations, please, inform about it by phone of hot line: +996-312-900251, indicating store, date and time when you have faced it. Also you can leave complaint at stands for “Complaints and offers” which are at each store.