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Quality control system

We pose some questions to the Head of the Sanitary Control Department of the “Narodnyi” Trading House Mukhtasar Azimkhodzhaeva.

What are tasks of the Sanitary Control Department?

Originally, the department was engaged in check of stores regarding observance of sanitary standards: cleanness of shopping spaces, equipment, compliance of goods neighborhood, observance of sanitary standards and hygiene by employees, i.e. we don't wait for the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, we check stores independently weekly and make recommendations regarding violation elimination to directors of stores. “Narodnyi” Trading House has its own laboratory which primarily is aimed at control of product quality of In-house production.

How is performed quality control of In-house production?

Each batch of output products undergoes quality check daily. Samples of each product of in-house production from each batch are stored at the place of production in conditions under which this product should be on sale. At day of shelf-life expiration, these samples also undergo laboratory researches, and results of these researches are given to technologists. In case if product changes quality indicators, technologists take efforts to make a product with steady-state quality indicators till shelf-life expiration.

Were there any cases when the laboratory didn’t put a product on sale?

Yes, there were such cases. The laboratory gives permission for sale only for quality products.

But there are cases of purchasing poor-quality products, aren’t they?

Each case of return of goods or buyer’s complaint for goods of In-house production is carefully studied, reasons of spoilage of goods and stage at which it has occurred are found out. First of all, sample of this product, this batch, which is stored at the place of production is checked; it is checked for organoleptical properties and laboratory researches; then spoilage reason at the place of production or spoilage reason out of production zone is found out; if it has happened out of production zone, temperature of car in which this production was delivered, temperature of refrigerator in which these goods were till sale are found out. Then all these causes are eliminated. If reason of product spoilage is in the production technology, in this case the whole batch is removed in all chain. Inward raw materials from suppliers are also checked through laboratory researches, and the most reliable supplier with the highest quality of raw materials is chosen.

How do you check products from suppliers? Does the laboratory have resources for checking all the products which is on sale in stores?

We check products only upon buyers’ complaints or products of dubious quality, and in other cases we trust all accompanying documents on these goods. As a rule, these are certificates of quality, certificates of conformity, etc. We hope that our suppliers-producers also have their own laboratories or laboratories which check quality of their products before delivering to our stores.